K-Beauty School Expands Into the Online Makeup Education Market in the United States

2020-07-28 13:00 출처: K-Beauty Solution

SEOUL--(뉴스와이어) 2020년 07월 28일 -- K-Beauty School, a professional beauty academy in Korea, announced its expansion into the online makeup education market in the United States. Online K-Beauty School is launched for global students who desire to learn Korean beauty at K-Beauty Solution Co., Ltd.

K-Beauty School features professional beauty technician courses. The curricula consist of a variety of courses on semi-permanent makeup, eyelash extensions, nail art, BB glow which is a professional skincare treatment, hair styling, and skincare, helping trainees to master most of the beauty skills in a single course.

Homework will be assigned at each course and instructors will give one-to-one consultation on students’ assignments. Though lectures are given online, they are as effective as directly receiving lessons from teachers in the classroom.

Having offered beauty lectures at a number of trade fairs held in Vietnam and China as well as in Korea, K-Beauty Solution was featured in prominent international journals. In addition, Vivian Kim, Executive Director of the Academy, obtained patents for 142 design technique and 142828 embroidery technique for semi-permanent makeup.

Starting with opening a branch in Malaysia in June 2017 under the brand of Luxury Beauty Lounge (LBL), K-Beauty School is actively increasing its franchises in other countries. And it will attract more than 1,000 franchises and expand student base across China over the next 5 years where Korean professional instructors train students using unique high-end beauty videos produced by K-Beauty School.

“With the high popularity of makeup and style of Korean celebrities such as BTS and Black Pink in other countries, the Korean Wave craze is rising in the beauty education industry. In line with this trend, we created courses of beauty skills that offer curricula that can be easily learned online in other countries,” said Vivian Kim. “These courses will deliver rich knowhow and techniques, helping students to save time and costs. We also designed a lifelong education system that is available for students’ access whenever they desire. We will offer education programs that allow students to fully understand the contents of all courses by giving the most detailed and tailored feedback to each student for hard-to-understand points.”

For further details of the online beauty training courses, please visit our website(http://kbeautyschool.net/) or contact us.

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