Brandnew Lab launches three ‘Nuvoen’ ampoule series for clinics

2024-07-10 15:56 출처: Brandnew Lab Co., Ltd.

Brandnew Lab launches three ‘Nuvoen’ ampoule series for clinics

Dr. Seong Eun Yoon, the director of Brandnew Clinic

Seoul--(뉴스와이어)--Brandnew Lab announced that it has launched three ampoule products - Boost, Lipo, and PLLA - under its clinic solution brand ‘Nuvoen’, which has the slogan ‘bring new vitality to the skin’, on July 10th.

This new product line was researched and developed by Dr. Seong Eun Yoon, the director of Brandnew Clinic, who pioneered the development of contouring, sculpting, and baby injections.

With 10 years of accumulated clinical know-how, these clinic-use ampoules help refine unnecessary facial contours, improve skin regeneration and barrier, and customize volume.

The ‘Nuvoen Boost Ampoule’ is a blend of salmon DNA and growth factor MGF designed to enhance volume, skin radiance, dewy glow, and elasticity. It also aids in anti-aging treatment and the repair of damaged skin.

The ‘Nuvoen Lipo Ampoule’ is designed to manage facial contour lines, maintain elastic, three-dimensional skin, and help create clearer and smoother facial lines.

The ‘Nuvoen PLLA Ampoule’ features biocompatible and biodegradable PLLA (Poly L-Lactic Acid) micro-particles that are absorbed into the skin, promoting self-collagen production to improve wrinkles and restore natural volume.

These ampoules can be applied to the face like regular cosmetic products. For maximum effectiveness, use the ampoules after receiving home-care derma stamping or dermatological laser treatment to enhance skin absorption.

Chris Lim, Strategic Planning Team Leader of Brandnew Lab said, “We developed Nuvoen with a deep understanding of skin and continuous research. Manufactured by a company with ISO and KGMP certifications, our professional researchers have ensured a product that is both stable and effective.”

He added, “Safety has been verified through hazardous substance detection quality tests conducted by the Korea Testing & Research Institute.”

He further announced, “We will hold a ‘Nuvoen Launching Symposium’ for domestic cosmetic plastic surgeons at the Brandnew Clinic in Cheongdam-dong on July 22nd.”

Meanwhile, Brandnew Lab is responsible for the development, business strategy, and marketing of the group’s products and services, integrating Brandnew Clinic, Brandnew Solution, and Brandnew Cosmetic services. With a mission to achieve healthy beauty beyond natural beauty by 2023, the company is committed to transforming individual lives.

About Brandnew Lab

A well-life beauty corporation, Brandnew Lab, aims to go beyond natural beauty to promote healthy beauty as its mission. It envisions making significant changes in individuals‘ lives and society through beauty. As a leading corporation in South Korea’s beauty industry, Brandnew Lab strives to be recognized as a unique global entity. In this moment and beyond, Brandnew Lab is committed to delivering new values and inspiration in beauty.

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